1What can I order from Mr Pengu?
We offer a variety of services you can choose from (Food, Pharmacy, Kiosk, Supermarket, Courier, etc.). You can practically order anything as long as it can be carried by scooter and its legal for us to carry.
2How can I place an order?
First, you need to download MrPengu App and create an account. After you enter your address and your contact information, you are good to go. Just choose the service you deem appropriate for your need and send it to us so we can fulfill said need. You can find our App at Google Play Store and App Store.
3When can I order?
We are operational every single day from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m.
4In which cities are you operational?
In Athens and Thessaloniki. You can find our activity map on our website. https://mrpengu.com/locations/
5What is the estimated waiting time for my order?
That depends on the order. The waiting time can vary from half an hour to two hours, with some very rare exceptions.
6Can I request a specific time and date for my order?
Of course, you can.
7 How much is your service fee?
Food and Drink (3,50€)*
Pharmacy (4,00€)* and (5,00€)* for orders after 8 p.m.
Kiosk (3,50€) and (4,00€) for orders after 8 p.m.
Anything (5,00€/hour)
Gift and Shop (7,00€)*
Super Market (6,50€)*
(4,50€) for distances up to 12 km.
(9,00€) for distances between 12 and 20 km.
(13,50€) for distances between 20 and 30 km.

Cost of delivery over 30 km to be negotiated depending on location. These values may vary depending on the distance between the pickup and drop off point.
8Can I change/cancel my order?
You can only cancel your order in the App. There is no way to make changes to an active order.
9How can I check the status of my order?
You can see the status of all of your orders inside the App by pressing the “live order” button.
10Can I pay with cash?
No!!! The only acceptable payment methods are by credit card or debit card.
11When do I get charged?
The moment your order gets assigned to one of our drivers you are charged with the service fee. Just before our driver pays for the products, if there are any, he is charging the requested amount. If this amount is available in your card he completes the purchase.
12 What happens if I don’t have enough money on my card?
Your order gets canceled.
13What happens if there is an incorrect charge?
The wrongfully charged amount gets refunded to your card immediately.
14 For which reasons does an order gets canceled?
There is no sufficient amount in your card for the payment of the service fee. There is no sufficient amount in your card for the payment of the products. The requested pick up spot is closed. We couldn't find you. (insufficient contact information) We couldn’t find the requested products. We couldn’t understand your order. The service you requested is not available. We are not operating in the requested areas.