ABOUT Mr. Pengu

Order anything you need across the city at the touch of a button!

Everyday items, groceries or pharmaceuticals and other emergency purchases, that no one would deliver at your doorstep… until now!

Mr Pengu’s revolutionary application allows you to order…almost anything, anytime, fast and easy!

Ideally designed for small, everyday purchases, the app employs an organized network of drivers and riders, ready to deliver the product you were looking for at the requested address, within 30 minutes.

Recognizing and respecting the importance of your time, Mr. Pengu innovates by offering on-demand delivery 24 hours a day.

Discover the innumerate possibilities of Mr Pengu’s App, you may order any type of product navigating through our categories, such as pharmaceuticals, mini-market products, food or drinks, courier services and loads more!

Now you have someone to complete your everyday groceries, at the palm of your hand!

The platform is designed not only to serve your day-to-day shopping, but also to empower local businesses unable to offer delivery services. And it only gets better!

Mr. Pengu rides for you, not for any store in particular. It transfers exactly what you ask for, whatever it is, without promoting specific brands, products or services.

What does Mr. Pengu offer?

• A self-service, easy-to-use platform
• Access to products not available through delivery
• Access to riders’ profiles
• Flexible payment methods
• Availability 24 hours a day
• Combined purchases from various stores
• Instant service (within 30 ')
• Courrier services

In other words, Mr Pengu is the Uber version of delivery services!

As for the process, it is just as quick, simple and secure as any order:

  • You just download the application and make your registration via E-mail or Facebook.
  • Then, with a simple navigation through the menu, you choose the category of products or services you are looking for.
  • Place your order describing the product you want, either in writing through the application or by phone.
  • Complete your payment online.
  • Finally, .... just wait!
  • You can track the progress of your order in real-time on the map, and you will be informed of the time remaining until your package is delivered!
  • English
  • Greek